Success Stories

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joined the OhioMeansJobs Marion Youth program in April of 2018. She was going through a difficult time in her life and struggling financially to take care of herself and her young son (age 1). When Morgan joined our program, she worked with Erinn, OhioMeansJobs Youth Employment Specialist. They developed an employment and training plan to assist Morgan in becoming financially self-sufficient and have the ability to provide for her young son. Morgan’s goal was to become a nurse, she had a passion for helping people. Nursing was an “In Demand Occupation”, Morgan and her Employment Specialist put the training plan in place a year ago. Her drive, motivation, and determination has paid off. Morgan has graduated the Licensed Practical Nursing program and has been accepted into the Registered Nurse training program. She is doing well and is on track to graduate July of 2020. The Youth program continues to offer the support and services she needs to succeed. Morgan is a great example for all youth to follow.

John koeppel and Family


joined the OhioMeansJobs Marion County Youth Employment Program in February 2017. He was facing a few challenges in his life and was ready to make positive changes. He called our agency and spoke with Sarah, one of our Youth Employment Specialists.  They met and put a plan in place.  The plan included addressing his challenges, and gaining work experience in a field that interested him. It also included working closely with other community agencies to help overcome the challenges holding him back. John now had a team in place to ensure his success.  Sarah enrolled John in our Paid Work Experience Program.  This allowed John to earn a paycheck and gain experience in his chosen field. He began his work experience with a local construction company and was hired by the employer after six months.  The employer stated that John did an awesome job.  In January of 2018, John experienced a set back in his journey of recovery and struggled to maintain employment.  John and his team did not give up. He regained his drive and motivation to succeed and has not looked back. John and his fiancé have three children and are doing great. He is now the Operations Supervisor of a local property maintenance company.